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Ingensys is a privately owned boutique IT consultancy and services practice.

Founded in 2001, the company’s consultancy led business has presence in the UK and Eire focusing on the key areas of cloud computing assessment, cloud transition for Messaging & Business Collaboration, Mobile strategy and Apple technology integration. At our very core we have the goal of delivering solutions to provide information, any time, any place, any where - on any device.

We specialise in providing consultancy for organisations of all sizes who are considering cloud based or ‘Software as a Service’ solutions. We provide help with the suitability assessment, selection, transition and integration of this new solution paradigm. Our success is based on a well established and proven track record, working with the main cloud based solution vendors and associated technologies. By making the strategic decision not to become an Enterprise partner of any of these solution vendors and therefore, working without any vendor allegiance, Ingensys provide a real difference in the market place, offering truly independent advice to clients looking to transition to cloud based solutions.

The founding mission of the company was to be the consultancy practice who ‘thinks about IT differently’. With this in mind, we ensured from day one that we practiced what we preached with fundamental design points:

  1. We would have no in-house infrastructure. All solutions would be ‘hosted’ (cloud).
  2. We would establish an ecosystem of specialist proven associates who would provide best of breed expertise ‘on demand’ as required for our projects.
  3. We would not align ourselves commercially with any particular vendor to ensure we maintain an impartial & independent perspective for the solutions and technologies we advocate.
  4. We would ensure our knowledge base was as comprehensive as possible, especially in relation to emerging technologies and products.

Unlike many other IT services providers, we have continued with the philosophy of never aligning ourselves with any particular software vendor or hardware platform. This allows us to offer our clients a totally independent perspective of their requirements. The solutions we propose are “best fit” solutions specific to a particular client needs and not a 'one size fits all' solution approach based on vendor sales targets.

Our philosophy of evolution not revolution has enabled companies of all sizes to transform their communication / collaboration and mobile solutions,  we are delighted to work with sole traders across to multi national enterprises and provide the very best technology for their business needs.


John Rigby - Chairman

Co-Founder and Chairman John Rigby FCIMA has a long pedigree as a 'company doctor' assisting organisations of all shapes and sizes, to turn loss makers into highly profitable concerns. John's greatest success was as CEO of a start up Telecoms Sales and Distribution company which, under his stewardship, and maintaining a low cost base, grew to £45 million turnover in 9 years, with increasing year on year profits.

John believes leading edge cloud technologies provide clients the most cost effective way to increase their efficiency and profitability. John's goal is to ensure Ingensys provide a value for money service to clients, by assisting them in the use of these new technologies, his personal focus being on cloud based financial software, based on the Xero accounting platform.


Co-Founder and Principal Consultant Paul Rigby, is highly regarded as one of the leading technical and subject matter experts in the evangelism, architecture and implementation of cloud transition, messaging, collaboration and mobility solutions. Paul's career in IT spans over 25 years, being both the CIO of a UK based PLC and the CEO of one of IBM's Premier Partners, Paul has a unique view of working with IT 'on both sides of the desk'. Paul's main vision is to architect cloud based solutions providing the 'Martini Effect' of Anytime, Any Place, Any device access to solutions for real time communication and collaboration.

In over the decade since formation, our original founders are supported by our associate ecosystem. Each associate working with us has done so for a minimum of 10 years. You can be assured of working with best of breed proven professionals and not the latest recruit found via LinkedIn or a Google search.


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