low cost, scalable, secure on-demand utility computing, delivered by the internet - that just works


Ingensys have a proven track record in the independent assessment, selection, architecture, transition and deployment of cloud based solutions from leading providers. We specialise in guidance and advice for the transition to leading cloud solutions such as Google for Work, Office 365, Slack and Dropbox.

We understand this new paradigm of solution provision, we totally run our business in the cloud.  Join the many clients that we have helped to explore this new way of working.

‘C’ is for Cloud, and cloud computing is . . . . 

Cost effective

Web-based messaging and collaboration apps require no hardware or software and need minimal administration, creating tremendous time and cost savings for businesses.

End users can still use the familiar Microsoft Outlook for email, contacts and calendar as they transition to cloud based solutions. Many leading research firms have found that cloud based solutions are as little as 1/3 the total cost of on premise traditional solutions.


Moving to cloud doesn't mean you lose control of your data or your technology. A true cloud platform will explicitly state that customers retain ownership of their data and equally customers should be able to easily get their data out of the cloud solution.

Connectivity & Choice

Web-based applications give workers full access to their information across devices, so they can be productive in more places. Their data is stored in the cloud - not on one particular computer - so employees can connect with all of their information and get work done from any Internet connection. 

Cloud infrastructure gives users seamless access to their information at work, at home, on the road and from their mobile devices. With traditional technology, important information can be trapped in software only available on a limited set of devices, preventing employees from being their most productive.


Messaging and collaboration is one of the most dynamic and rewarding areas of enterprise computing systems. Businesses that employ these systems benefit greatly from the communication, teamwork, and flow of information these systems deliver. Messaging and collaboration solutions provides a corporate email solution that includes mailbox, calendaring, instant messaging, video chat, team workrooms and wireless mobile features. 

Indeed, it has now become commonplace to have messaging and collaboration services delivered to web browsers and mobile smart phones in preference to traditional computer desktops, so that business people on the move remain in contact with their customers and colleagues.

A messaging and collaboration platform needs to address the business needs of today and in the future. Cloud computing based systems are the only way to deploy rapidly evolving technologies to communicate in a simple and efficient way.

Collaboration & Co-ordination

Because data is stored in the cloud instead of on employee computers, multiple users can access and contribute to projects simultaneously without worrying about using the same operating system, software, or browser. For example, instead of collaborating on a document by sending back and forth revision after revision as attachments, documents are stored in the cloud. Coworkers can access the web-based document simultaneously in their browsers, and even make changes that other authorised users can see in real-time. Eliminating attachment round-trips by storing data in the cloud saves time and reduces frustrations for teams who need to work together efficiently.