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With a focus on providing clients with the best possible consultancy services, in the key areas of digital transformation, cloud based business application assessment and transition, mobile first strategies and collaboration - Ingensys have an unparalleled record of success. 

If you need help to decide between Office 365 or Google for Work for your business apps transition or is Slack something your organisation should be looking at, we are here to help you!

For organisations of any size thinking about moving to the cloud, Ingensys is the answer to the equation. 

By working without any vendor allegiance, Ingensys provide a real difference in the market place, offering truly independent advice to clients looking to transition to cloud based solutions. Our primary consultancy offerings are based around working with clients to assess the suitability of cloud platforms to replace on premise solutions currently deployed and transition to these where appropriate.

We are uniquely positioned to provide an unbiased assessment of each of the main cloud vendor solutions, assist in creating a business case and when appropriate, advise on best practice transition and digital transformation strategy specific to a clients unique needs.



Begins with “Active Engagement” understanding needs & creative ideas leading to innovative approaches that drive transformative outcomes

In the cases where cloud transition is appropriate, our proven teams of professionals provide services that encompass much more than just the technical elements of a migration. In any transition project we work on, we address the larger, and in our opinion more important, 360 degree picture of digital transformation - placing people and needs first by crucially addressing the usability requirements, awareness, communication, change management and training elements required for any successful cloud project.


Cabinet Office, Crown Commercial Service, Citizens Advice, are just a few clients who have used our digital transformation services to fully embrace and realise the fully potential of cloud based collaborative solutions.


Our Approach

Ingensys has developed a client centric consultancy approach and project delivery blueprint that helps to minimise risks in the assessment, design and implementation of cloud initiatives.

It is a proven methodology that secures both on time and on budget delivery of all our projects and assignments.

The net result was a very successful project that delivered successfully on time and on budget.
— Simon Baxter, IT director, Specsavers Asia Pacific

Ingensys will help you focus on building and sustaining your business's value. Every investment decision must deliver a positive ROI and benefit to the entire business, not just a few P&L centres, especially in current economic climes.

In this fiercely competitive world increasingly shaped by IT, we are confronted with making high-risk decisions on how best to achieve significant competitive advantage from the application of IT. Ingensys can help you answer the following questions:

  • Does your IT strategy cover the components you need for success?
  • Are you ready for the next five years? Or even the next two years?
  • Are you keeping up with the latest technology changes and developments - cloud, mobile?
  • How do you establish the value of IT and measure the ROI?
  • Are you selecting the right technology vendor/s?

The connected world drives both business and IT management need to make critical decisions around IT that enable and support their business strategies, processes and operations. With potential risks and rewards so high, IT management need an objective partner that:

  • Has comprehensive understanding and proven experience across the whole of the IT landscape
  • Can identify problems and offer options for their resolution
  • Identifies strategic options that maximise your business activities
  • Will help achieve competitive advantage from the smart application of business and IT solutions

Ingensys is the partner to help you do all this and what's more will help you design and implement all of it. We help you navigate through the complexity, anticipate potential breakdowns and barriers, and implement your business strategies quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

proved time and time again that no matter how complex the project or piece of work is, (Ingensys) is able to deliver on time. (They are) a great asset to any team and provide both focus and commitment at the highest level.
— Mohit Chaddah, Senior Technology Project Manager, Ladbrokes

So, whether you need help to clarify the strategic choices or require advice about the deployment of new, leading edge technologies, Ingensys is here to help with the resources you need for business-critical decision support. We can help you differentiate your business because we think about IT differently!


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