Ingensys have a proven track record, significantly reducing the costs of 'outsourcing' transition consultancy services to a traditional enterprise partner, which on larger assignments have effected project cost savings of up to six figures.

In larger ‘reference’ transition projects, although the cloud solution vendor & their partners had involvement, this was typically at a license transaction and support interface level. Ingensys consultants were engaged within the client team either directly or via a vendor enterprise partner on these projects to act as their lead transition architect / subject matter expert.

In the following examples, our Principal Consultant, Paul Rigby fulfilled this Digital Transformation lead role:

As part of the Cabinet Office Technology Transformation (COTT) programme, a key element of the new technology solution was the transition from a Fujitsu managed MS Exchange Service to Google Apps for Work. The Google platform operates within the new government security standards to meet user needs for collaborative productivity applications allowing for more agile policy and process work across teams.

Ingensys provided consultancy services as Digital Transformation Subject Matter Expert (SME) - Google for Work, iPhone / iPad / Android, Migration SME for MS Exchange/Outlook migration to Google for Work using CloudMigrator from Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS).

Paul has been absolutely central to the success of this programme. Using expert knowledge of Google Apps and a patience with users that borders on saintly, Paul has been the main person we have used to explain the change and benefits to senior stakeholders. These include the Deputy Prime Minister, several Cabinet Ministers and some of the most senior civil servants in the UK
— Tom Read, Cabinet Office CTO

The Google Transformation and Change lead elements required a new and bespoke design for all Google related transition training and facilitation of transformation workshops for Horse Guards Road, 70 Whitehall, Dover House, House of Commons, House of Lords and other UK locations.

In addition, we also delivered all transition / transformation training  to VIP users for Google Apps and iPhone / iPad mobile devices. These VIP users being the ministers and supporting Private Offices of:

Deputy Prime Minister - Nick Clegg
Cabinet Secretary & Head of the Civil Service - Sir Jeremy Heywood
Chief Executive of the Civil Service - John Manzoni
Minister of Cabinet Office - Frances Maude
Permanent Secretary Cabinet Office - Richard Heaton
No 9 Downing Street - Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP
Department Culture Media and Sport, Permanent Secretary, Director General and Ministers
Chief Executive, Crown Commercial Service - Sally Collier



Following the sale by Ford Motor Company to Tata in 2008, their transition programme required separating IT operations from the previous owner, including the painstaking process of copying and cloning more than 1,600 business applications.

A key issue of this IT separation being the company's global messaging platform for 20,000+ employees based on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange hosted by Ford.

When faced with cloning an entire hosted Microsoft Exchange environment across the whole enterprise, I thought – here is a golden opportunity to do something different and innovative with a valid financial business case
— Jeremy Vincent, CIO, Jaguar Land Rover

Ingensys initially provided consultancy to build the business case for a transition to a cloud based solution based on Google Apps rather than a traditional on-premise ‘clone & go’ solution based on Microsoft Exchange.

“The ability to be able to communicate, empathise and understand issues at varying degrees of technicality and across multiple levels of organisational seniority is a rare, rare skill. Paul has this ability in abundance. He is someone who can credibly talk about technology at a configuration level, but also someone who can talk to CxOs about their objectives and in response provide effective technology based business solutions for them.”  

After implementing a successful pilot at the Heritage Motor Museum, Ingensys then acted as lead transition architect / subject matter expert for the project working alongside the Jaguar Land Rover Google Programme Manager. “Paul is totally customer focussed and has earned tremendous respect and appreciation from whatever teams he has been a part of. He is excellent at dealing with CxO level people and is able to deliver complex projects whilst keeping everyone on board, even when the going gets tough. First class.”

A leader in the global betting and gaming market with offices throughout the UK and Europe, faced difficulties maintaining its legacy Lotus Notes/Domino messaging platform supporting its 3,500+ employees.

Ingensys provided consultancy to assist the CIO in building the business case to transition to a cloud based solution based on Google Apps for business rather than make the traditional move to an on premise Microsoft Exchange solution. 

We understood that for various reasons there had been an under investment in the messaging platform, which was beginning to become unfit for purpose. Working with Paul is a delight
— Mittu Sridhara, CIO, Ladbrokes

Ingensys then took the lead transition architect role for the Google Apps pilot project working alongside the Ladbrokes Project Manager. Following the transition to Google Apps, Ingensys now fulfil the role of Google Enterprise Programme Manager for Ladbrokes globally.

This role builds on the deployment of Google Apps for email and calendar services replacements and enables us to work with the Ladbrokes business globally to adopt Google Apps solutions an enable the team to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Paul is an outstanding professional with a technical ability second to none, covering a diverse range of cloud base technologies! He proved time and time again that no matter how complex the project or piece of work is, he is able to deliver on time. He is a great asset to any team and provides both focus and commitment at the highest level.
— Mohit Chaddah, Senior Technology Project Manager, Ladbrokes

The world’s largest privately owned chain of opticians relied on a legacy messaging platform based on Scalix. To support Specsaver’s global expansion plans, the company decided to switch to Google Apps for 2,500 employees worldwide.

Ingensys provided the lead transition architect role working alongside the Specsavers Project Manager to support the design of the global transition, business analysis, awareness, communications and Google Guides programme for the Asia Pacific migration and roll out to Australia and New Zealand. 

Universally Paul’s energy, enthusiasm and knowledge were very well received by the project team and all users. Paul’s ability to cut through the nervousness and concerned perceptions of people using the tools for the first time was exceptional. The net result was a very successful project that delivered successfully on time and on budget.
— Simon Baxter, IT director for Specsavers Asia Pacific

An independent global brand communication agency, with 14 offices around the world, whose clients include major blue chip household names, had an existing eclectic infrastructure based around Apple Macs, Windows clients and servers running Open Source software.

Imagination made the decision to investigate the benefits of Cloud based computing and engaged Ingensys to assist them to evaluate offerings from Google, Microsoft and IBM/Lotus.

Paul was a core part of the team that delivered the Google platform into the company. He has an enthusiasm and engaging personality that meant that he was able to sell, cajole and convince people across the organisation of the benefits that could be realised.
— Matt Ballantine, Head of IT, Imagination

Ingensys were subsequently engaged as lead architect and transition partner working alongside the Imagination Project Manager and internal IT team.  The move to Google globally, including training, was completed in 4 months with data migration taking 6 weeks and with estimated savings of around £420,000 compared with providing systems in house.

The UK Government, Jaguar Land Rover, Ladbrokes, Specsavers and Imagination are just a few clients who have used our services in this way on their journey to the cloud. We work with clients across all industry sectors from startups, very small business, small to medium enterprises through to global enterprises. With every client engagement no matter how small or large the company, Ingensys offers the same level of focused and proven expert knowledge.


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